Super Hero Squad Review: Defeat of Dr. Doom 7-Pack

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With the end of Galactic Heroes getting announced at the New York Toy Fair, many collectors in the Super Hero Squad community began getting worried. Especially when it was announced that the two-packs were being phased out in favor for the movie line three-packs, then out of the blue – this appeared at Toys “R” Us!

Dr. Doom teams up with a former minion to take out the heroes that continue to stand in his way. The heroes nearly fall victim to the superheated assault of Volcana, but it takes more than a little hot lava to keep a hero down. They fight back, and even the combined might of Dr. Doom and Volcana can’t stand under the onslaught!

This is a story line that screams Secret Wars to me, since that was definitely the last time Volcana was relevant in the Marvel Universe.

Magma manipulating super crook!

At the beginning of Secret Wars, the Beyonder accidentally brought over some regular humans who had no place in Battleworld. Once Doctor Doom found them, he brought them into service and gave them super powers from some weird alien device.

Volcana is a brand new sculpt which makes this pack even more of a surprise. Like most females, she’s completely unarticulated and a single solid piece of plastic. Cast in translucent yellow plastic, Volcana has orange flames painted all over her body and a feminine face with a raised eyebrow.

To give her the appearance of being made of plasma, her entire body is covered with small flames licking her body. It’s nice that Hasbro only picked one of her four forms (plasma, ash, stone and powered down) but Volcana is such an odd choice. At least she makes sense in the context of the set!

Dinosaur-powered teen!

Unlike Volcana, Reptil doesn’t make any sense in this pack. I originally expected to see a lot more variants of the dinosaur channeling teen, but it seems like he wasn’t that big of a hit with the younger audience and this marks his second appearance in the Super Hero Squad line. But he’s also a straight repack from wave 18.

Reptil’s arms and legs are manifesting his powers by being vaguely lizard in appearance. They’re scaled and feature massive claws and look great. His face is still human (but red). Reptil moves at the shoulders and neck.

The biggest problem with Reptil is the paint. His red skin, peach claws and black hair all look great but his costume looks like someone rubbed it when the paint was still wet. Instead of looking like a T, it looks like a mishmash of blue and green, so be sure to check it out on the shelves.

High-flying crime fighter!

Falcon is another repaint of his originally released figure. So there isn’t much to say about Sam Wilson that I haven’t said already. The sculpt works well but isn’t terribly exciting given the limited articulation. Falcon only moves at the waist.

But instead of being just a straight repack, Falcon gets a new coat of paint to make him at least a little different. This time all of the red on Falcon is a deep, metallic maroon that looks pretty good. Since he’s a guy who doesn’t have much in the way of super strength, it makes sense for him to wear some armor.

Spider-powered hero!

If this set was trying to be Secret Wars themed, this is the easily the second biggest mistake behind Reptil. Instead of being black costumed Spider-Man, this is Ben Reilly as the New Spider-Man! So the set is a bit anachronistic.

Another quasi-repaint, new Spider-Man looks a lot better the second time around after his first figure got muddled with a nasty looking wash. But seeing how the new Spider-Man costume looks a lot like this version, I can see why Hasbro wants it on the shelves.

Posed with one arm forward and one behind, Spider-Man is ready to battle. The absence of a wash on the figure makes his reds and blues much more vibrant too. Oddly, the spider emblem on his front and back is just painted on. Again, Spider-Man runs into issues with his eyes being a bit sloppy but the metal impact web shooters look perfect. New Spider-Man only moves at the neck.

Strongest villain-smasher in the world!

At first glance, Hulk looks to be a repack of the figure in the exceptional Collector’s Pack #4. The hunched over stance with a fist on the ground easily makes this my favorite Hulk sculpt in the entire Super Hero Squad line. His skin is bright green and Hulk’s pants are bright purple as well.

The only difference in the figure is the paint design used on the eyes. This Hulk looks happier than the other one, but it’s simply a matter of personal preference. Eyes and eyebrows aside, this is an excellent version of the rage-filled green behemoth. Hulk moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

Armored genius with repulsor power!

Iron Man is back in his proto armor (or horned armor depending on your preference) and this figure is for all intents and purposes a repack. I could probably be convinced that he’s a repaint, but the shade of red and yellow used are so similar that trying to distinguish them seems like a waste of time.

Iron Man moves at the neck and shoulders in his fancy armor. The classic red and yellow paint scheme still look like mustard and ketchup, but the overall look works well. He’s more of the same.

Evil master of magic and technology!

While Doctor Doom isn’t actually a doctor (unless he forced the University of Latveria to give him an honorary degree), this figure marks his fifth appearance in the Super Hero Squad – and amazingly enough, this is only his first time getting a repaint!

Doom is a repaint of his wave 3 figure and the term repaint is very generous since the only two change made is the eyes. Instead of showing a glimmer of his formal humanity, Doom’s eyes are now bright green with a black outline. And it looks great.

Since Doom is known for regularly making robotic Doombots to take his place, having a handful of Dooms is fine by me. Doom still moves at the shoulders. His proportions are a tad wonky since this figure was made so early in the Super Hero Squad’s life but as a robotic version it definitely works.

The easiest Super Hero Squad pack to compare this to be the Collector Packs, but unlike those, these sets don’t feature any display/carrying case/playset. The back insert is light blue but at least looks like some vague base. It’s nothing exciting and throwing it away will be what most people do.

Retailing for $23 at Toys R Us when I found it, the Defeat of Dr. Doom is definitely a pleasant surprise. Hulk, Spider-Man and Iron Man aren’t too exciting for someone like me who has all the figures, but the inclusion of a Doombot and Volcana feels perfect. It is a bit odd that no members of the classic Fantastic Four are present for this fight, but this set makes for a fantastic battle in a box and is a great, and relatively cheap, way to get kids hooked on the Super Hero Squad.

Super Hero Squad 7 Packs

Defeat of Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom, Volcana, Reptil, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man & Hulk
Avengers Attack
Captain America, Wolverine, Black costume Spider-Man, Iron Man, Crossbones, the Leader & Red She-Hulk

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